UFN 82 Results: Derrick Lewis defeats Damian Grabowski via TKO in round one

By Chris Taylor - February 6, 2016

A heavyweight bout between Derrick Lewis (14-4 MMA) and Damian Grabowski (20-3 MMA) took place on the UFC Fight Night 82 prelims in Las Vegas.

Derrick Lewis

Round one begins and Lewis rushes forward with big shots. Grabowski dips under for a takedown and gets it. Lewis quickly reverses the position and ends up on top. Big shot from the top by Lewis. He dives in with another big right. And another. Grabowski is busted open. More big shots from Lewis. He moves to mount presses up and rains down another heavy right hand. And another! It is all over! “The Black Beast” wins via TKO.

Derrick Lewis defeats Damian Grabowski via TKO at 2:17 of round one


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