UFC Phoenix results: Ben Saunders defeats Court McGee

By Tom Taylor - January 15, 2017

UFC Phoenix Results: Ben Saunders vs. Court McGee

Ben Saunders

The second fight of the UFC Phoenix main card a clash of gritty welterweight fighters, as the veteran Ben Saunders took on TUF 11 winner Court McGee.

Round one: Round one begins and McGee closes the distance. Leg kick from McGee. Saunders takes the center of the Octagon, throws a high kick and they clinch up. McGee works with uppercuts and Saunders shoots up with a knee. They trade kicks off the break. McGee throws and overhand and misses. They throw simultaneous kicks. They clinch briefly, then separate. Body kick from Saunders, then a right head kick from McGee. Saunders fires back with a high kick, then eats a flurry from McGee. A crackling 1-2 from Saunders. They clinch up momentarily, and break once again. Two clean uppercuts land for McGee. Saunders shrugs it off and pushes forward. McGee pushes with a teep. Saunders blasts him back with a kick to the body. The body kicks are working for Saunders. McGee attempts to close the distance. He lands a double-jab then a head kick. They swing in-close. They separate and Saunders lands a kick to McGee’s body. McGee is having a hard time closing distance, but is landing decently. Saunders lands a jab, then goes high with a kick. Inside leg kick from Saunders. McGee pushes forward. They land kicks at the same time. Saunders ties up and tries for the knee, but it’s blocked. They separate. Kick from McGee and 1-2 from Saunders. Another body kick follows for Saunders. McGee lands as the round ends, but not before Saunders lands a counter of his own. Nice round for Saunders, but a close one.

Round two: Round two is on, and McGee misses with a high kick. McGee ties up momentarily and pumps the uppercut. Saunders responds with a front kick down the middle. He lands another shot to the body. McGee throws the right high kick and they trade hooks. McGee throws a high kick again and Saunders counters nicely with a right hand. McGee lands a right, Saunders fires back with another body kick. McGee stars unleashing his vintage pressure, and lands a nice right to the body. Saunders is having a hard time with the pressure, but nearly lands a vicious knee. Saunders is throwing, but he’s back-peddling. Sanders throws a big body kick that puts an end to McGee’s pressure. Now he’s moving forward. He goes high with several kicks in a row. McGee’s blocking them but his arms have got to be hurting. They trade some kicks and McGee initiates the body lock. More knees from Saunders, and uppercuts from McGee. They separate. McGee plows forward, but Saunders circles out of danger. McGee tries again, and locks Saunders up against the cage. He smother Saunders, but Saunders is bugging him with short strikes. McGee is staying busy. Saunders escapes, but McGee is back at with the pressure. Probably a McGee round, but we’ve suddenly got a close fight on our hands.

Round three: Round three kicks off and McGee is using his pressure. He misses with a high kick. Saunders paws out with  jab, then lands nice two-piece combo. He’s blasting McGee with body kicks like they’re going out of style, but McGee is responding with counter right hands. Jon Anik tells us the two fighters are dead-locked in landed strikes. McGee buckles Saunders with a right hand. He follows with a high kick and an uppercut. Saunders could be hurt here, but it’s hard to say how badly. Saunders throws a teep, but eats a spinning back fist. McGee moves in for the body lock. McGee eventually earns a takedown, and works from side control. He moves into Saunders’ guard and slams down ground strikes. Saunders makes a brief attempt to get up but is blasted with punches for his efforts. Saunders looks to tie McGee up with his legs, but McGee isn’t worried and continues to reign down the punches. The TUF winner closes out a close fight with a meteor shower of punches and elbows. The judges have an unenviable job on their hands.

UFC Phoenix Results: Ben Saunders defeats Court McGee by unanimous decision.

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