UFC Phoenix Results: Sergio Pettis defeats John Moraga (highlights)

By Tom Taylor - January 15, 2017

UFC Phoenix Results: John Moraga vs. Sergio Pettis

UFC Phoenix results - Sergio Pettis wins

The UFC Phoenix main card was kicked off by a flyweight bout between Sergio Pettis and former title challenger John Moraga, who replaced the injured Jussier “Formiga” da Silva.

Round one: Round one begins and the fighters touch gloves. Moraga pumps a right, then a leg kick. Pettis is moving forward. Another leg kick from Moraga. Then a right from Pettis. Moraga lands a right. Pettis fires back. Pettis throws a right, then another. Moraga is having difficulty getting through Pettis’ jab. Moraga lands a left, then blasts into the clinch. Moraga is working with his knees, but isn’t making much happen. Pettis escapes the clinch. Fast right from Moraga, and Pettis responds with a high kick. Pettis is controlling the center of the Octagon. He fires off another head-kick and continues to push Moraga back. He ducks under a Moraga right, and cracks him with a right hook. There’s a mouse forming under Moraga’s left eye. Pettis is moving forward, landing well. Pettis cracks Moraga with  three-punch combo, then throws a hook kick that misses. Moraga surprises with a right hand that rocks Pettis. Pettis dives for a takedown and shrugs off a guillotine attempt. The two fighters return to the feet and enter into the clinch. Two left kicks from Pettis, then a right hand land from Pettis. Moraga fires back and misses. A Blistering two punch combo from Moraga, but he gets buckled by a Pettis counter. The fighters close out the round with a wild exchange that sees Pettis drop Moraga. Great round for the young Pettis.

Round two: Round two begins, and Moraga is pushing forward, listening to his coaches. He whips an inside leg kick. A two punch combo lands for Moraga, but Pettis slips off the line and lands with counters. Moraga isn’t liking it and dives for a takedown. Pettis threatens with a guillotine but winds on his back. Pettis pumps the up-kick from his back, and escapes to his feet. Pettis throws a high kick, Moraga responds with a right hand. Moraga shoots for another takedown but fails. Pettis’ hands are lowering. He’s worried about the takedown. Moraga plows in with a jab. Pettis throws a nice combo, finishes with an uppercut. Pettis pumps the jab. He is moving well now. He throws a head kick, which Moraga blocks. Moraga jumps in on a single. The two fighters tie up against the cage. Pettis circles out and lands a left off the break. He lunges forward with a 1-2. He pushes forward and lands a jab. Moraga goes high with a right kick. Another takedown attempt from John Moraga, and Pettis responds with a guillotine choke once more. Moraga shrugs it off. Pettis throws a jumping switch kick. Moraga pushes forward to end the round, but eats a nice left hook. Better round for Moraga, but close.

Round three: Round three begins and Moraga is moving forward again. He starts with a 1-2. Pettis is sneaking forward now. He throws a jab. Moraga throws a left hook, then a teep. Pettis spins with a wheel kick but misses. Moraga is looking for the big left. Pettis punches his foe’s body. He’s getting his range. He lands a head kick that is barely blocked. Moraga dives in on Pettis’ hips, and pushes him into the cage. He lands some knees to Pettis legs. He drags Pettis to the mat and patiently works from Pettis’ guard. He slashes with an elbow. Moraga stands up and rolls into position for a heel hook. He winds up on his back and Pettis escapes. Pettis is on top now, and Moraga looks for an arm. Moraga escapes, winds up on Moraga’s back, and Moraga scampers back to his feet. The two fighters clinch up again. Pettis works for a takedown but fails. The two fighters continue to clinch, then return to the center with a minute to go. Pettis throws a jumping switch kick then punches to the body. Pettis throws a punch, Moraga shoots and fails. Pettis pushes forward, and eats a left. Pettis lands a nice two-punch combo, feints, and follows with a kick. Moraga fires back with a kick of his own. Pettis is wading in. He ducks under a punch, and finishes the fight with a nice takedown. Another nice round for Pettis.

UFC Phoenix Results: Sergio Pettis defeats John Moraga by Unanimous Decision

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