UFC Fight Night 98 Results: Martin Bravo TKO’s Claudio Puelles

A lightweight bout between Martin Bravo and Claudio Puelles took place on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 98 main card in Mexico City.

Round one begins and they fighters are happy to trade strikes early. Puelles goes in for a takedown but Bravo says no and lands an elbow. Bravo is applying the pressure here. He lands a nice jab. Claudio replies with a leg kick but that does not slow down Bravo’s approach. Bravo with a right hand that scores. Puelles with a nice left, but Bravo continues to press. They trade punches. Puelles shoots for a single leg. It is not there. Puelles is relentless with these takedown attempts, and he finally gets one. However, Bravo uses the cage to get back up quickly. Spinning kick from Puelles. Bravo with punches. Puelles nose is now bleeding. Big right hand from Bravo to close out the round.

Round two begins and Bravo comes forward with a pawing jab. Puelles misses with a combo. Bravo scores with a jab and then misses with two hooks. Good jabs from Bravo. He is putting on constant pressure here. A nice body kick from Martin. Puelles shoots in for a single leg but just can’t get Bravo to the ground. Beautiful jab from Bravo. He lands some big body shots and Puelles goes down. A couple of follow up shots and this one is all over! Martin Bravo is the TUF winner!