UFC Fight Night 93 Results: Ashlee Evans-Smith TKO’s Veronica Macedo

A women’s bout between Ashlee Evans-Smith and Veronica Macedo took place on today’s UFC Fight Night 93 prelims in Hamburg, Germany.

Round one begins and Macedo is able to land a nice back kick to the body that stuns Smith. Veronica is able to use some nice footwork to stay on the outside and frustrate Smith with kicks. Ashlee presses forward and is eventually able to secure a takedown. After a scramble she is able to take Veronica’s back and begins searching for a submission. Veronica scrambles but Ashlee ends up in full mount. She lands some shots from the position but Macedo is able to shake her off and get back to her feet. A kick from Macedo scores before round one comes to a close.

Round two begins and Veronica lands a head kick. Ashlee presses forward and presses Macedo against the cage. The women battle in the clinch. The fight goes to the ground and Macedo rolls for a leg lock. The fighters scramble and get back to their feet. Good shots from Smith. Veronica fires back with punches of her own. A nice leg kick scores for Veronica. Ashlee closes the distance and presses Macedo against the cage. Smith is looking for a takedown but Veronica is defending. Macedo dives for a kneebar submission but Evans isn’t having it. Smith lands some big shots from the top. She moves to side control. Veronic scrambles and uses the fence to get back to her feet. Smith lands a beautiful judo throw that sends Veronica crashing to the canvas as the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Veronica lands a kick to the body of Smith to start. Ashlee comes forward with a front kick followed by a jab. Veronica charges forward with a jab and then a high kick that misses. Ashlee grabs a hold of Veronica and presses her against the cage. Macedo dives for another kneebar attempt but it is not there. Smith is now in a dominant position. She begins working some short shots from the top. Big shots now from Ashlee. She’s landing some huge elbows on Veronica who has her arm trapped. The referee steps in and stops the bout.