UFC Fight Night 101 Results: Danielle Taylor defeats Seo Hee Ham via split-decision (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - November 26, 2016

A women’s strawweight bout between Seo Hee Ham and Danielle Taylor kicked off tonight’s UFC Fight Night 101 main card in Melbourne, Australia.

Round one begins and Ham quickly tries to close the distance. The women exchange shots and then Taylor circles out. Danielle scores with a nice shot to the body. Ham counters with a solid left hand over the top. An eye poke from Taylor stops the action. After a short break we restart and Ham lands another nice left hand. She is walking Taylor down. Ham lands a right hand. Taylor circles away and misses with a right of her own. Ham chases her down and lands another left. Taylor responds with an overhand right and then circles out. Seo Hee Ham presses the action and lands another crisp left hand. Taylor did not like that. Ham with another left and another. Taylor circles away. She looks to be in panic-mode here. Danielle lands a nice body kick. Ham eats it and continues to walk her down. Seo lands another left hand. She has Taylor on the run. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Taylor starts things off with a pair of low kicks. Ham is pressing forward. She lands a left but Taylor counters with a nice right hand. Danielle is circling well here trying to avoid the big left hand of Ham. Taylor with another right. Ham responds with a combination. Seo Hee Ham with another nice left that lands. Taylor circles and comes in with a right. She attempts to go to the body Ham but Seo lands a crisp combination. Another nice left hand from Ham. Taylor is tries to come in with a right hand but eats another left hand. Danielle circles but then comes in with a left hook. She follows that up with a body kick. Ham continues to walk her down though. Seo with a nice left. Taylor shoots in for a takedown. She gets it but Ham immediately sweeps her and winds up in full mount. Hammer fists from Ham. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Ham lands a front kick and then a jab. Seo misses with a front kick attempt. Taylor counters and lands a right hand. Ham with a nice front kick to the body but again Taylor is able to counter with a solid right hand. Ham with a shot to the body. Taylor presses forward and returns fire with a combination. Taylor with another nice right hand. Ham is still walking Danielle down but she is eating punches now for her efforts. Another right hand from Taylor clips Ham. Seo presses forward and lands a nice combination. Taylor circles away and lands a right followed by a kick to the body. Ham fires back with a body kick of her own. Taylor catches her with an accidental eye poke. The referee doesn’t see it. Ham asks for timeout but the referee does not comply. Taylor rushes in and punches Ham while she is trying to recover. This is a blunder. More shots from Taylor. Ham is able to circle out. She was clearly poked in the eye. She shoots in for a takedown. It is not there. Round three comes to an end.


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