UFC Fight Night 100 Results: Krzysztof Jotko dominates Thales Leites

A middleweight tilt between former title challenger Thales Leites and Krzysztof Jotko took place on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 100 main card in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Round one begins and Jotko throws a kick to the body that lands. Leites shoots in and grabs a hold of Jotko. Krysztof lands some knees from the clinch position. Leites is focused on the takedown. He goes for a single leg. It is not there and Jotko breaks free. He lands a low kick. Thales charges forward and lands a left. Jotko returns fire with a low kick. Jotko comes in with a right but Thales ducks under and scores a takedown. Leites immediately moves to half guard. He tries to step over and move to mount but it is not there. He attempts the mount a second time and gets it. Jotko rolls and Leites grabs and arm. Jotko pulls it out and winds up in top position. One minute remains in round one. Jotko moves to half guard and lands an elbow. Jotko with some punches from the top to close out round one.

Round two begins and Leites presses Jotko up against the fence and searches for a takedown. It is not there and Jotko breaks free. He lands a nice kick to the body of Leites. Krzysztof with a right hand. Thales grabs a hold of him and presses him against the cage. Leites attempts a takedown but is swept and now Jotko is on top. He begins working some elbows from half guard. Leites is able to get back to full guard and the referee stands them up. Jotko lands a nice counter right hand and then scores a takedown. He quickly transitions to half guard and begins landing some elbows. A good right hand scores for Jotko. More right hands from the top. He switches to elbows. Round two comes to and end.

Round three begins and Leites charges forward with punches but they miss. Jotko lands a big left hook and then shoots in for a takedown. Leites stuffs it but is pressed against the cage. Thales scores a switch but cannot maintain top position. Jotko with a nice strike as they scramble back to their feet. Leites presss Jotko against the fence. Jotko sweeps Thales and winds up in top position. He begins working from half guard. Jotko with some right hands from the top. He has Leites left arm trapped. Thales scrambles and gets back to full guard. Big shots from the top by Jotko. He has Leites busted up now. He lands some more big shots from the top. Round three comes to an end. What a performance from Jotko.