UFC 206 Results: Viviane Pereira defeats Valerie Letourneau via split-decision (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - December 10, 2016

A women’s strawweight scrap between Valerie Letourneau and Viviane Pereira took place during tonight’s UFC 206 prelims in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Round one begins and Letourneau begins by pumping her jab. Pereira clinches but fails with an attempted takedown. Letourneau catches a low kick and pushes the action to the canvas. She’s quickly moves to mount. Pereira trying to buck free but eats a flurry of shots from Letourneau. Pereira gets back to full guard. Letourneau passes to side control. Pereira spins and gets back to her feet. They battle against the cage. Pereira breaks free but Valerie brings her back to the position. They trade knees inside.

Round two begins and Letourneau presses forward with a low kick and then a jab. Valeria with a push kick and then another front kick that lands. Pereira with a short left hand. Letourneau is switching her stances and throwing kicks when she does so. She pumps a jab in the face of Viviane. A nice body kick scores for Letourneau. She follows that up with a jab and then a push kick. Pereira with a left hook. She needs to start throwing combinations. Valerie with a low kick. Viviane replies with a left and then a right. Letourneau answers with a jab. She follows that up with a body kick. Pereira catches the kick and presses Valeria against the cage. Viviane gets double underhooks and scores a nice takedown. She begins working from the full guard of Letourneau. Valerie is looking for an armbar. A nice hammer fist lands from Viviane. Valerie scrambles back up to her feet and lands a nice jab and then another. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Valerie immediately begins working her jab. She lands a nice low kick. More jabs from Letourneau. Pereira fires back with a combo that comes up short. Valerie is bouncing around and landing low kicks and her jab basically at will. Pereira with a right hand and then a follow up low kick. She grabs Valerie in the clinch but Letourneau quickly breaks free. Valerie with another nice jab. The fighters trade punches in the center of the octagon. Pereira ducks under a shot and presses Valerie against the fence. They battle in the clinch. Knees are exchanged by both ladies. Letourneau breaks free and eats a leg kick. The women stand and trade until the horn sounds to end round three.

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