UFC 204 Results: Stefan Struve submits Daniel Omielanczuk

A heavyweight bout between Stefan Struve and Daniel Omielanczuk took place on tonight’s UFC 204 main card in Manchester, England.

Round one begins and Omielanczuk lands a hard leg kick to start. He charges after Struve with punches and lands a body kick. Stefan circles away and lands a low kick. Daniel returns fire with one of his own. Stefan lands a front kick. Omielanczuk goes to the body with a jab. Struve circles and lands another low kick. Daniel presses forward and lands a huge left. Struve comes back with a hard kick to the body. The fighters exchange leg kicks. Daniel presses forward with a nice combo. Struve scores with a stiff jab. The fighters clinch and briefly go the ground but bounce right back up. Daniel presses Struve against the fence. Stefan scores a trip and winds up in half guard. He moves to full mount and Daniel gives up his back. Struve locks in both hooks. He winds up in mount and delivers a punch. Daniel rolls and gives up his back. Struve is working for a choke now. He locks in a body triangle. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and the fighters clinch early. Daniel presses Stefan against the cage but Struve reverses the position and lands a knee. Struve scores a trip and looks to lock in a choke. He secures the submission hold and Omielanczuk is forced to tapout.

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