UFC 204 Results: Mirsad Bektić submits Russell Doane in round 1

By Chris Taylor - October 8, 2016

A featherweight scrap between Mirsad Bektić and Russell Doane kicked off the UFC 204 main card tonight in Manchester, England.

Round one begins and Doane comes forward with a kick to the body. He lands a nice combination. Bektić fires back with a jab. The fighters exchange shots in the center of the octagon. Doane with a nice hook. Bektić shoots in and scores a takedown. Doane gets up but Mirsad has his back. He drags Doane to the floor but Russell works his way back to his feet. Again Mirsad drags him back to the floor and this time he locks in both hooks. He cranks a rear-naked choke attempt but Russell is able to defend the submission. Bektić locks in a body triangle and sinks in a rear-naked choke and Doane is forced to tapout.


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