UFC 203 Results: Stipe Miocic KO’s Alistair Overeem

By Chris Taylor - September 10, 2016

A heavyweight championship bout between current title holder Stipe Miocic and top contender Alistair Overeem served as the main event for tonight’s UFC 203 pay-per-view card in Cleveland, Ohio.

Stipe Miocic

Round one begins and Overeem is using a lot of movement early. He is circling around waiting to counter. Stipe charges forward with punches but cannot connect. Overeem lands a solid kick to the body. Overeem drops Miocic with a left. He locks in a guillotine choke but cannot finish the submission. They are back on their feet. Miocic still seems a little shaky. He presses forward and lands a left. Overeem counters with a big shot. Stipe moves forward and lands an uppercut. Stipe with a big right. He is putting it on Alistair. Huge shots from the Cleveland native. An uppercut lands for Overeem that stuns Miocic. What a wild start. Big shots from Miocic. Alistair is almost running away at this point. He stops and lands a big right. Miocic comes back with a combination. Stipe shoots in and lands a takedown. Big shots from Miocic. Overeem is out! It is all over.


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