UFC 202 Results: Donald Cerrone TKO’s Rick Story

By Chris Taylor - August 20, 2016

A key welterweight bout between Rick Story and Donald Cerrone took place on tonight’s UFC 202 main card in Las Vegas.

Donald Cerrone

Round one begins and Story presses forward and misses with a left hand. “Cowboy” ducks under a punch and scores a takedown. He moves quickly to half guard. Story scrambles and gets to his feet. He grabs a hold of Cerrone and presses him against the cage. Story lands a takedown. Cerrone quickly moves for a triangle choke. He almost has it but Story pulls out. Rick moves to side control. Cerrone gives up his back. Story scores with a solid knee to the body. Cerrone stands up and breaks free. Rick lands a kick and then another. Cerrone fires back with a knee and then a leg kick. Story circles and lands a kick of his own. “Cowboy” takes the center of the cage and lands a leg kick. Donald presses forward with punches and most of them land. Story circles away. Cerrone comes forward and lands another nice combo. Both men trade shots to end round one.

Round two begins and Cerrone lands a nice counter right hand. Story shoots in for a takedown but it is not there and he eats some shots for his efforts. Cerrone with a nice knee. He presses forward and lands a knee and then two right hands. Story looks a little confused. Cerrone lands two nice leg kicks. Story comes forward ad eats a knee to the body. A big leg kick lands for Cerrone. Cerrone lands a head kick that rocks Story. He follows up with shots and Story drops. More shots from the top and this one is over.


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