UFC 202 Results: Mike Perry KO’s Lim

By Chris Taylor - August 20, 2016

A welterweight scrap between Hyun Gyu Lim and Mike Perry took place on tonight’s UFC 202 main card in Las Vegas.

ufc welterweight

Round one begins and Lim opens thing up with a leg kick. Perry replies with a right hand and then a leg kick. Perry comes forward and misses with a big right. Lim lands a counter right and then an uppercut. Perry ands a big right and Lim drops. Perry moves immediately to mount. He has Lim in a mounted crucifix. Big shots from the top. Lim scrambles and gets up. Perry with a leg kick and then another right hand that drops Lim. Shots from the top by Perry. Mike is working some short elbows. Lim gets up to his feet and is flattened by a left hand. This one is over!


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