UFC 201 Results: Damien Brown KO’s Cesar Arzamendia

A lightweight bout between Cesar Arzamendia and Damien Brown kicked off tonight’s UFC 201 pay-per-view event in Atlanta.

Round one begins and Arzamendia opens things up with a switch kick that misses. Brown lands a counter right. Arzamendia comes forward and lands a flying knee to the body. Brown presses forward and lands an uppercut. He follows up with a big right hand that sends Arzamendia crashing to the canvas. Brown jumps on him and begins landing some ground and pound. Arzamendia rolls and sinks in a heel hook. The leg lock submission is deep. Somehow Brown is able to break free and get back to his feet. Brown lands a nice left. He follows up with back to back right hands, the second drops Arzamendia. Brown follows up with punches from the top and this one is all over!

Brown KO’s Arzamendia at 2:27 of round 1

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