TUF 24 Finale Results: Demetrious Johnson defeats Tim Elliot

By Chris Taylor - December 3, 2016

A flyweight title fight between champion Demetrious Johnson and challenger Tim Elliott served as the main event of tonight’s TUF 24 Finale fight card in Las Vegas.

Demetrious Johnson

Round one begins and Elliot connects with a handful of punches, however none of them stun Johnson. Johnson shoots for a takedown, which resulted in Elliot ending up on top with a guillotine, however Johnson escaped the submission and made it back to his feet, landing a head kick on Elliot, who appeared to be gassed. Johnson then ends up on top position looking for a choke of his own, however Elliot is defending well. The TUF winner makes it back to his feet and lands an elbow that lands clean on Johnson, who fires back with a punch of his own that lands. Johnson advancing as Elliot is looking exhausted. Elliot lands a flurry of hooks to the body as Johnson is against the cage, dropping Johnson. 45 seconds left in the round, and Elliot lands a takedown. Elliot in half guard with 30 seconds left as the round ends.

The second round begins and the pair look to find their distance once again. Johnson lands a combination that lands, but doesn’t phase Elliot. Elliot throws a combination as Johnson level changes and secures a takedown. Elliot grabs onto a guillotine, however Johnson is in side control and is not in danger of being submitted. Johnson frees himself and secures Elliot’s back as he looks for a rear naked choke. Elliot defending well as he escapes, and Johnson ends up in side control. Elliot holding on from the bottom as Johnson lands some shots from the top. Elliot looking for an inverted triangle but Johnson defends as he looks for a kimura. Elliot defends and looks to secure half guard, however Johnson maintains side control. Johnson looks to secure the crucifix with just under two minutes left in the round. Elliot makes his way back to half guard as Johnson looks for a kimura. Elliot looks to get back up and Johnson ends up in his guard. Elliot looking to get back to his feet and Johnson takes his back from the clinch. Elliot lands elbows on Johnson, who presses Elliot against the cage in the clinch. Elliot with a takedown with 15 seconds left as he looks to pass Johnson’s guard.

Third round starts as the pair exchange leg kicks in the center of the Octagon. Elliot advancing as he lands a lead hook followed by a front kick. Johnson presses forward and lands a combination as he secures a takedown and takes the back of Elliot during a scramble. Johnson secures a rear naked choke as Elliot escapes and reverses position, ultimately resulting in a scramble that sees Johnson get a single leg takedown, ending up in Elliot’s 50/50 guard. Johnson in Elliot’s full guard as he looks to advance to side control. Elliot gets back to guard and looks for a triangle however Johnson defends well and once again ends up in Elliot’s full guard. The champ passes to side control as Elliot defends well with an extremely unorthodox method. Elliot looking for an inverted triangle as Johnson ends up in his full guard once again. The round ends as Elliot looks to secure butterfly guard.

Fourth round starts as the crowd chants for Elliot. Elliot dodges a head kick as Johnson lands leg kicks. Elliot presses forward with a flurry over overhand strikes as Johnson secures a takedown and ends up in half guard as Elliot looks to secure a guillotine. Johnson defends well and once again Elliot scrambles and Johnson ends up in north/south before regaining side control. Johnson secures the rear naked choke as Elliot smiles and defends. Johnson takes Elliot’s back as he gets back to his feet. Johnson secures the rear naked choke as he smiles while defending. Johnson abandons the choke and returns to north/south. Elliot lands knees from the bottom as Johnson takes side control once again, ultimately securing the mounted crucifix, landing a series of punches from the top as Elliot frees himself and ends up back in side control. Elliot looking to create a scramble as Johnson lands some knees from the top. Johnson looking for a kimura with 30 seconds left as Johnson begins to crank the submission. Johnson transitions to an armbar as Elliot escapes and looks for a single leg takedown. 10 seconds left and they’re back on their feet as Elliot looks for a cartwheel kick.

The fifth round starts and Elliot takes the center of the cage, Johnson looks for a takedown which Elliot stuffs. Johnson pressing forward as Elliot secures a takedown of his own. Elliot in Johnson’s 50/50 guard as Johnson creates a scramble. Elliot looking for a guillotine as Johnson ends up taking Elliot’s back, ultimately ending up in side control. Three minutes left as Elliot defends from side control. Elliot gets back to full guard as Johnson proceeds to pass to half guard. Johnson looking for a kimura as Elliot defends well. One minute left as Elliot scrambles, looking for a submission. Johnson looks for an armbar as Elliot defends. Johnson switches to a guillotine and Elliot works his way to butterfly guard. Johnson passes to half guard with 15 seconds left. Johnson finishes on top as the final bell sounds.

Official result: Demetrious Johnson wins via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-45)

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