Product Review | The UFC Training Shoe: Train Smarter

Recently, I got my hands on the new UFC Training Shoe. I needed a shoe to counteract the pain I would inflict upon myself by doing P90X on a hard surface or with my casual sneakers that have no arch in the sole. While in the market for a new shoe, I naturally gravitated toward the UFC shoe, being an MMA fan.

When they arrived, I couldn’t help but first notice the packaging as it truly was focused around the UFC. A sleek box with an over-the-edge plastic sheet shaped like an Octagon and even Octagon-shaped carrying holes, just to add flare to the packaging.

Once I got over the box, I opened, I pulled out two beautifully crafted leather shoes adorned with the letters ‘UFC’ on the Velcro strap and the Octagon clothing logo just about everywhere else. They are very sleek and stylish and have a great, sturdy feel to them. They are not too flashy and the colors are truly awesome. As for the laces, they have been cleverly hidden away under a large rubber flap secured by a velcro strap that covers the laces completely. This helps eliminate any worries of untied shoes and painful falls that can result from loose laces, while the thick padding protects the fragile foot bones from impacts from kicks.

Instead of slipping them on and immediately jumping into a workout, I did what any smart consumer should, and read the warning label.

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A simple list of warnings that include the prohibited use on hard, rough surfaces and that dragging your feet will result in damage to the sole. At first this seemed like an odd warning to me. I workout on a hard surface and now I have to worry about ruining my shoes?

Before my confusion turned to anger, I remembered two things; First, that warning labels like this are always exaggerated, and second, that these shoes are made specifically for training and those hard, rough surfaces are probably sidewalks and endless laps through a mall or grocery store. These are not sneakers, but instead, training equipment that is to be treated as such.

Once I slipped them on I immediately noticed the lightweight design. They felt like socks on your feet and in no way felt like a normal shoe. They don’t feel flimsy by any means, just lightweight similar to the feeling a wrestling shoe gives you. Airy, breathable patches let your feet breath as well, releasing some heat out of the sides so you don’t pull out a soaking wet foot when your workout ends.

Next came the application of the product. The sole is crafted for explosiveness and is felt instantly as the support given to your feet is tremendous. A soft mesh on the inside provides an airy feel to your feet, minimizing the build up of heat inside your shoes that can be an unpleasant companion to your workout. After several different workouts that use my feet in several different ways, I noticed the absence of pain in my feet. I am not limping away from the TV or ripping holes in my socks but instead getting the most out of my workout while looking and feeling good doing it. I highly recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a workout-specific shoe.

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I recommend this product after using it personally and finding a comfort level in training hard to match with other equipment of similar nature.

Here is the spec list from

Patented impact protection located in key strike points on the foot
Ultra lightweight design for greater speed, power and protection
Patented Training Sole better protects the foot and Achilles heel
Patented Lace Protection System [LPS]

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