UFC 212 Results: Deiveson Alcantra TKO’s Marco Beltran (VIDEO)

UFC 212 Results: Marco Beltran vs. Deiveson Alcantra

A flyweight scrap between Marco Beltran and Deiveson Alcantra kicked off tonight’s UFC 212 event in Brazil.

Round one begins and Beltran starts off the action with a pair of low kicks. Alcantara answers with a kick to the body and then shoots in for a takedown. Beltran is able to initially defend but soon after Deiveson puts him on his back. Alcantara is looking to pass to half guard but Beltran is defending well. Deiveson eventually moves half guard and then locks in a guillotine choke. Alcantara drops down in an attempt to secure the submission. It appears to be tight but Beltran fights off the hold and pops his head out. Beltran immediately begins raining down elbows from the top position. He works in a left hand and then lands another hard elbow. Alcantara scrambles and gets back to his feet. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Alcantra lands a side kick to start things off. He circles out and then lands another. Beltran responds with a hard low kick. He goes upstairs and just misses with a follow up high kick. Alcantra presses forward and is able to shoot in and score with a takedown. He immediately passes to side control and then in to mount. Beltran quickly scrambles and gets back to half guard. Alcantra with a big elbow from the top. He postures up and avoids some attempted up-kicks from Beltran. Alcantra leaps in to guard with a hammer fist. Beltran scrambles but gives up his back. Alcantra locks in a rear-naked choke but cannot secure the finish. Beltran rolls and gives up full mount. A big punch from the top by Alcantra. Beltran scrambles to half guard. Alcantra drops down for a heel hook. It looks tight. Beltran refuses to tap and eventually gets his leg free and quickly stands up. Alcantra lands a punch and then an elbow and Beltran is rocked. He falls to the canvas and Alcantra jumps on him with hammer fists. The horn sounds to end round two. Saved by the bell.

The referee takes a look at Beltran and decides to call the fight. What a debut from Alcantra.

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