Referee Big John McCarthy comments on Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor UFC 202 judge’s decision

By Russell Ess - August 24, 2016

Big John answered a bunch of questions from fans with his #AskBJM hashtag and revealed some interesting things from his point of view.

UFC 202

McCarthy stated that he felt that the majority decision in favor of McGregor was the right call saying, “The fight was scored correctly with Conor winning 1,2&4. 2nd was close, but Conor had a knockdown #AskBJM”

McCarthy also followed up saying, “I thought it was a great fight between 2 tough as hell warriors. The judges got it right #AskBJM”

Big John also released some interesting info that only those close enough in the Octagon would know immediately after the fifth round was over.

Big John was asked, “@JohnMcCarthyMMA what did u say to Conor and Nate just before the decision was announced #AskBJM”

“I just told them both great fight”

In the end, Big John is simply a man that still loves to do his job.

“It’s an honor being in the cage with 2 warriors like Nate & Conor. They put on an incredible show 4 the fans #AskBJM”

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UFC 202