UFC 199 Results: Max Holloway defeats Ricardo Lamas via decision

By Chris Taylor - June 4, 2016

A key featherweight bout between Max Holloway (16-3 MMA) and Ricardo Lamas (16-5 MMA) took place at tonight’s UFC 199 event in Los Angeles.

Max Holloway

Round one begins and Holloway takes the center of the octagon and begins working his jab. Nice combination lands for Max. Lamas comes forward but eats a counter right hand. Huge shots from Holloway. He is landing punches in bunches. He is stalking Lamas at this point. He lands a good shot to the body. Lamas shoots in desperately for a takedown. Holloway defends with an excellent sprawl. Lamas presses forward with a punch and then a kick. He shoots in for a single leg takedown attempt. Holloway defends well and lands an elbow. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Lamas starts things off with a high kick that Max partially blocks. Holloway comes forward with punches but nothing connects. Lamas with a nice leg kick. Holloway presses forward and lands some good shots inside. Lamas is circling but Holloway is just following him and landing shots from distance. Max tags Lamas with a flurry. Holloway is all over him. Lamas lands a big left hand. He shoots in for a takedown. Max stuffs it and winds up in top position. They stand up and Holloway lands a kick to the body. He follows up with a nice right hook. Holloway locks in a choke. Lamas is able to fight it off. Max with some punches from the back and then a big elbow right before the bell.

Round three begins and Holloway opens up with a jab. Lamas comes forward with punches and then a leg kick. Max is controlling the center of the octagon and chipping away at Lamas with jabs. Ricardo is trying to get inside but Max is using good foot work to stay elusive. Nice combination from Holloway. Lamas lands a good right hand and then a leg kick. Ricardo with another nice leg kick. Max clinches up. The fighters break. Good body kick from Lamas. Holloway with a nice counter right. Lamas returns fire with a left. Holloway lands a good elbow inside. They clinch against the cage. The fighters trade a flurry of huge shots to end the fight.

Max Holloway defeats Ricardo Lamas via decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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