VIDEO | Tyron Woodley: ‘at some point we have to go back to the f***ing sport’

“Did we expect anything different? Did we expect him to really do some hard time? Did we really expect the UFC to reprimand Conor [McGregor]? We didn’t. He’s a star in the UFC, he’s bringin’ in a lot of money, millions and millions of dollars. He’s become larger than life in his own right so with that comes exclusion.

He becomes an outlier. He gets consistent passes. He’s doin’ what he’s allowed to do. There’s been no real punishment on him. There’s been no real stipulation…he’s actually being REWARDED after these things. Because he’s hyping up the fight and he’s trying to portray this image of a ‘Scarface’ kinda…ya know, he’s got this Metro PCS walk and this larger than life mobster which he’s really not.

But they are using it as something to boost the fight. So now that he gets free of this, now he’s probably going to fight in October.

To me…at some point…at some point, we have to go back to the f*ckin’ sport. It’s called mixed martial arts. It’s a sport.

It’s starting to get out of control and not only that, it’s completely lopsided on who can get away with that type of sh*t. Let me throw a…f*ck a dolly, let me throw a penny at a go-cart. It’s a wrap. Know what I mean?”

Today was a big day for the former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor as he had his felony charges for the UFC 223 bus incident cleared.

Because of this, McGregor is now free and able to return to combat sports action. To the disagreement of some as explained by current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Despite McGregor having not competed in MMA since November of 2016, it’s more than likely that upon his return to the Octagon he will be granted an immediate title shot against champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Nurmagomedov was actually the believed target of the whole incident that started all of this legal battle for McGregor. Now he’s staring at upping the ante for what would be the biggest fight in UFC history.

Although nothing is officially done just yet, things are getting closer by the day.

This article first appeared on on 7/26/2018

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