TJ Dillashaw puts beef aside, congratulates Cody Garbrandt on engagement

TJ Dillashaw

While former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw, and UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt certainly have a very public and very longstanding feud, the pair momentarily put their beef aside recently after Garbrandt revealed via social media that he was engaged to be married.

Garbrandt posted a photo with his fiancé to social media, which prompted a response from Dillashaw:

TJ Dillashaw responded to Garbrandt’s engagement post by Tweeting his former teammate “All things aside. Congrats” before then continuing by saying “There is life beyond fighting. Finding a life partner and my soulmate was my biggest accomplishment beyond belts, fame, fortune. #respect as you can see in the Tweets above.

Garbrandt responded, and the MMA community rejoiced!

TJ Dillashaw

This of course comes in the midst of the pair having a verbal spat regarding the alleged training footage of Garbrandt knocking Dillashaw out during a trainings session at Team Alpha Male quite some time ago.

Dillashaw called for Garbrandt to release the alleged video of the incident, then telling UFC Unfiltered that Garbrandt should sell the video for charity:

“I told him to go for it, release it,” he said. “Because for one I don’t believe it. And even if he did, I think it’s petty. I think they’re reaching. We put this time and sweat and tears into the gym, and he’s got this one clip of him doing good? What about the 70% of the time that I was doing awesome that [Justin] Buchholz has footage of. I could care less what happened then. I get to make, on pay-per-view, some footage of me beating Cody’s ass that the world’s going to see. I’m going to make a lot more than him selling [the KO footage] to TMZ.”

“Release the footage,” he said. “The charity should be something for kids without fathers so they don’t grow up to act like Cody.”

Cody Garbrandt TJ Dillashaw

This article first appeared on on 4/27/2017.

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