Sage Northcutt looking like a bodybuilding champion, freshly tested by USADA

By Russell Ess - September 15, 2016

Despite having a staph infection, “Super” Sage Northcutt has been keeping busy on social media.

The rising UFC star’s name came up recently after former professional wrestler CM Punk was handed a beating by 3-0 Mickey Gall. Gall called out Northcutt for a fight following his highly watched UFC win over CM Punk and it sounds like the fight will eventually take place. Jonathan Shrager of The Underground got some updates from Northcutt’s dad, Mark, on the staph infection and when asked about the possibility of his son facing Gall in New York at UFC 205, Mark said that they have been held up in training due to the Staphylococcus Aureus.

“Sage would never be able to be ready for that one because he hasn’t been able to train due to several things,” said Sage’s father.

“The staph he had before, happened at TriStar. It was on his arm, and he was in the hospital for a week. It was the MRSA staph, and very scary. He had another small infection on the same arm, and we are trying to find an expert in the field to figure out what is going on.”

“The UFC’s trying to find an appropriate infectious disease doctor to look at it this week.”

With Gall being a welterweight and Sage usually fighting at lightweight, Northcutt’s father revealed his thoughts on the two fighting at 170.

“For the Barberena fight, Sage was battling Strep Throat for a couple of weeks and was scheduled to fight at 155, and his opponent broke his foot, and Barberena was a replacement at 170 just a few days before we were scheduled to fly out,” replied Mark. “Sage was already down in the low 160’s when he got the call to change opponents and go up a weight class. To know ahead of time he would be fighting at 170 would a lot different.”

“So I’m not sure on a time frame yet, but shooting for something before the year ends if he can get this issue cleared up,” he said. “He’s only been able to train for about two total weeks off and on since his last fight.”

Although the photos may not necessarily mean they are current, Sage posted a photo looking to be in great shape and also says he was just drug tested by USADA, for all those questioning his physique.

Cinnamon bun

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Just got a surprise Drug Test by USADA again.. I wonder if I’ll get tested more often if I go up a weight class lol

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