Fines and ban issued in result of cornerman punching UFC veteran Norman Parke

Norman Parke Marcin Bilman

The bad blood continues to boil between former UFC fighter Norman Parke and his KSW rival Mateusz Gamrot.

The two met in the cage for the first time in May at KSW 39 where they fought for the promotion’s lightweight title. Gamrot ended up taking a unanimous decision victory. However, the fight did not go without controversy as Gamrot can be seen biting Parke’s fingers during a grappling exchange in the fight.

Norman Parke

The two met for a rematch at KSW 40 and things would not be settled there either as the fight got dirty with referee Marc Goddard having to call a no-contest in the second round after Parke dropped to the ground in pain after suffering a second eye-poke.

After the fight was called to an end, a scuffle took place in the cage as an upset Parke pushed a member of Gamrot’s team, which resulted in Gamrot’s cornerman Marcin Bilman sucker punching Parke right in the jaw.

Norman Parke

KSW recently released a statement saying that fines and a ban were imposed on those involved in the scuffle.

From KSW:

Following the events after the conclusion of Mateusz Gamrot and Norman Parke rematch at KSW 40 in Dublin, KSW Federation have decided fine both Gamrot and Parke and ban Bilman from KSW events for a particular amount of time.

Since it was Norman Parke who started the scuffle, as he approached the corner of his opponent and then pushed away Borys Mańkowski, he will be fined for this unprofessional behaviour.

KSW Federation condemns the reaction of Marcin Bilman, one of Gamrot’s cornermen, who hit Norman Parke. There is no place in KSW for such unsportsmanlike actions, both from fighters and their cornermen. Such behaviour is very different from the professional standards that KSW Federation requires from its fighters.

As a result, Marcin Bilman will be banned from cornering fighters on KSW shows for 9 months, while Mateusz Gamrot will be fined as he is responsible for the behavior of his cornermen.

This article first appeared on on 10/31/2017.

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