Nate Diaz on the UFC: ‘No, I’m not doing s–t anymore for this company’

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UFC Nate Diaz knew exactly how to play his cards when both Conor McGregor and the UFC were immediately looking to put together their rematch after UFC 196.

At one point, UFC President Dana White said that he didn’t know if he could put the fight together as negotiations were taking place between Diaz and the UFC. However, things were settled and the younger Diaz brother made sure to get his slice of the pie.

“I demanded the fight,” Diaz stated to Bleacher Report. “I hear him saying, ‘Oh, you won the lottery when you got the call.’ Look, I was ahead of the game on all these motherf–kers so don’t think I’m stupid like everybody else because I knew what I was going to do. Also on top of that, my contract was almost up. And when my contract was up, Conor McGregor was also my plan. No, I’m not doing s–t anymore for this company. I’m not fighting here anymore unless I get more than that little new guy gets. I don’t think anybody says that. But that is what was going to happen.”

Diaz added that his elevated status is all a part of his plan, and says that his situation is simply what it is.

“I feel I’m in the position I’m in because I put myself in this position,” Diaz said. “It’s not great. It’s not horrible. It is what it is.”