Mike Perry responds to ‘playground fighter’ Michael Jai White

Mike Perry, Michael Jai White

UFC favorite Mike Perry has continued his back and forth with Michael Jai White, who he deems to be a “playground fighter”.

After White noted that he once tried to teach Kimbo Slice something he couldn’t learn, Perry came to the aid of the late legend. It began a short back and forth between the two men, with Perry seemingly being interested in the possibility of a spar (or something more) somewhere down the line.

White, 52, seemed to laugh off the suggestion, but Perry doesn’t appear to be in the mood to laugh and joke about any of this.

“What’s your world class rank?” Perry wrote on Twitter after White called him the No. 20-ranked welterweight in the world. “I’m the real deal. I know it. I leveled up the intensity of the whole sport soon as I hit the world stage. You fight on playgrounds in your movies. Fight me in a pro fight and let the world watch. @danawhite ‘s backyard.”

It’s safe to say that Mike Perry has been on something of a downward trajectory in terms of his results inside the Octagon as of late, but that doesn’t necessarily mean his career at the highest level has been determined yet.

We all know the sort of resilience and talent this guy possesses, and if “Platinum” is able to take the time he needs to recover from his recent setbacks, then he could go on to do some special things in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Of course, the potential for gimmick fights is also on the table – as we can quite clearly see here. Perry is smarter than most people give him credit for and while plenty of people will choose to write him off, he’ll always be lingering around the main card of important shows, because that’s the kind of talent he is. Now, it’s just a case of proving it on a consistent basis.

This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on 1/7/2020. 

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM