Max Holloway wants to make history like Conor McGregor did

Max Holloway

Hawaiian featherweight Max Holloway is currently on a fantastic, 9-fight winning-streak. The last man he lost to is former featherweight champion and current lightweight champion Conor McGregor. Their fight occurred all the way back in 2013.

Since then, Holloway has established himself as one of the best fighters on earth – as evidenced by his upcoming interim featherweight title fight with Anthony Pettis. While Holloway is focused on his upcoming battle with Pettis, he’s made no secret of the fact that he’s keen on a rematch with McGregor – even if that rematch occurs at heavyweight.

While Holloway is interested in a second fight with McGregor, however, he’s far from a McGregor hater. In a recent interview with, he explained that he’d jump at the chance to win titles in two divisions, as McGregor recently did.

“Everybody hates on this guy – for what? If you had the opportunity [to fight for the title in a second division], you know damn straight you’d take it,” Holloway said. 

“If I had the opportunity, yes – it’s history,” he continued. “I want to make history. I want to break history. Conor McGregor set this bar, and bars are always meant to be broken. If you’re not trying to shoot or break it, then why are you in the game, then? I’m not trying to be this guy just chugging along. I’m trying to be the leader of the pack.”

Anthony Pettis

If Holloway wants to make history in the future, he’ll have to get by Anthony Pettis at UFC 206 this Saturday. He has every intention to do so. While many fans are anticipating a war between the two featherweights, Holloway says his plan is to hand Pettis a lopsided beating.

“I’m not trying to go for the ‘Fight of the Night’ performance,” he said. “That means the guy was my equal, and I don’t want an equal in there,” Holloway said. “I go out there and I make people wonder, ‘Why is this guy here? Why did they match me with him? This is a horrible matchup.’ Max is making this look easy, and that’s what I plan to do.”

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