VIDEO | Mark Hunt: UFC condones cheating, likely won’t be fighting in UFC ever again

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt may now be a former fighter for the UFC.

Following his fight with Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, Lesnar tested positive for banned substances from two separate drug tests that were taken prior to them fighting on July 9.

Hunt spoke with the NZ Herald about his situation and says that something should be done with Lesnar to really deter any fighters from using banned substances in the future.

“It’s an unsafe working environment,” Hunt said (transcribed by NZ Herald). “They’re doing nothing about cheating or performance-enhancing [drugs]. They’re helping it, they’re condoning drugs, is what I think. I think there should be some criminal [charges]. Every other sport has it sorted out. Every other sport frowns on cheats and drugs.

“It’s a pattern here, and probably the next time – if I did fight – I could die,” he said. “I have nothing against fighting, obviously, I love what I do. If it’s an even playing field then it makes it fair… the guy was caught doping and he gets my [heavyweight ranking] position of No 8 and he gets all the money, it’s ridiculous.”

With Lesnar being Hunt’s third UFC opponent that was caught using banned substances, “The Super Samoan” says he is absolutely sick of being placed on the opposite side of the Octagon against a competitor getting an unfair advantage that is trying to physically beat him up.

“I don’t know man… I’m not going to work for a company that treats me like a bit of rubbish. I’m a human being, I need to be treated fairly like everyone else.

“I would be walking away from a lot. If they don’t sort something out… but you probably won’t see me working for the UFC again.”

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