PHOTO | Jon Jones mocks Daniel Cormier’s hairline with latest stunt

Jon Jones

Ahead of their highly anticipated showdown this Saturday at UFC 214, former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones isn’t holding back when it comes to the mental warfare.

With less than a week to go until the fight, Jones had his barber momentarily cut his hair to resemble the receding hairline of UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier for his Instagram Live session.

Jon Jones returns at UFC 214

Check it out:

This isn’t the first time the pair have gotten personal when it comes to the trash talk, just this week Jones admitted that Cormier calling him a steroid user did admittedly get to him to a certain extent.

He spoke to MMAFighting about the situation:

Jon Jones returns at UFC 214

“This whole thing has become an attack on Jon Jones’ character,” the former champ continued. “I feel like when Daniel loses, he’ll be able to say, ‘well, I’m a f*cking good guy. I’m a good guy and at least people will respect me for a being a good champion when I had that belt in Jon’s absence.’ And I think that he deserves respect because he is a good guy. But you don’t have to sh*t on other people to try to make yourself seem that much, Daniel.

“We see that you’re a good person. We see that you’re a great husband, father, wrestling coach, team captain. I admire a lot of things about you. You’re a f*cking great dude, but you don’t got to f*cking try to convince the world that I did steroids, bro. Just f*cking look yourself in the mirror and say, ‘goddamnit, he’s younger than me, he’s athletic, he beat my ass, and he’s going to do it again.’ Don’t f*cking crush somebody else’s image to make yourself seem more mighty. You’re already a f*cking good dude.”

This article first appeared on on 7/25/2017.

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