Jon Jones responds to ‘old’ Chuck Liddell wanting to fight him, suggests he should test his jaw strength

Jon Jones, Israel Adesanya

Earlier today the former UFC light heavyweight champion and MMA icon, “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell announced that he is officially coming out of retirement. If that wasn’t shocking enough, he had to go on to state that he wants to fight Jon Jones. And he’s not joking…

As one might expect, Jones had something to say about the bizarre call out as he took to Twitter a few hours after the announcement.

Old Chuck has been calling me out for years! I get it, I hold pretty much every record in the division. I normally try to respect my elders but if you want it come get it. Id literally fly you out to Albuquerque this weekend.

You might want to test the strength of that jaw before you take a bite you cant chew

There is a lengthy 18-year gap between the two fighters in age(Liddell 48 to Jones’ 30) and about as zero of a chance of the fight happening as there has ever been for anything. Yet Liddell still believes he can make it happen. It’s not even likely that his return bout will be in the UFC.

It’s been eight years since Liddell last competed in MMA and hasn’t won a fight in 11 years when he defeated Wanderlei Silva in one of the greatest fights of all time.

As for Jones, he’s been busy battling the California State Athletic Commission and USADA since his recent failed drug test after his initial victory to win the UFC light heavyweight title over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 in July of last year. It remains to be determined for how long Jones’ suspension will be.

Either way, has there ever been a more bizarre time in the world of MMA? CM Punk is fighting on UFC main cards and 50 Cent may or may not end up fighting while Chuck Liddell calls out Jon Jones. Welcome to MMA in 2018.


This article first appeared on on 5/14/2018.

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