Joe Rogan: ‘As far as calling fights…boy, I don’t see that going on very much longer’

UFC color commentator

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is unsure if he will continue calling the fights for the UFC once his contract is up in August.

From the recent sounds of Rogan’s recent interviews regarding the subject, it definitely sounds like Rogan has had his time.

Rogan recently spoke with Rolling Stone and said that working for the UFC is the longest running job he has ever had aside from his own stand-up comedy, and it might be time to drop the mic.

“I’m not working for anybody else,” Rogan replied when asked if he will work for the UFC if the company is sold. “If the sale goes through I’m outta there. I’m already wondering whether or not I can continue doing this as it is. I will always be a fan, I’ll always love it, but shit, I’ve been working for the UFC on and off for almost 20 years. And that’s more than I’ve done anything in my life. I’d like to move on. The only other thing I’ve done longer than that is stand-up comedy, but you know, with stand-up comedy I’m constantly writing new material, I’m traveling, I do it out of my schedule, I do it whenever I want. You know, it’s a very different thing calling fights rather than just being a fan. I’ll always be a fan, for sure, but as far as calling fights…boy, I don’t see that going on very much longer.”

Could you imagine UFC event after UFC event without Joe Rogan’s voice and insight? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comment section.

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