VIDEO | Joe Rogan Talks ‘Terrifying’ Francis Ngannou’s World Record Punching Power

Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou is just a couple of days away from fighting Alistair Overeem in the biggest fight of his career. It’s a story as old as the UFC itself: Two heavyweights, one a young lion trying to get to the top against a veteran who intends to keep his stop at the top. It just so happens that this fight takes place in the UFC’s largest division, where pretty much anyone can knock anyone else out. Especially when one of those guys is a K-1 champion and the other just set the record for the hardest punch. Joe Rogan marked out for the young Ngannou recently on his podcast.

“He’s fighting this weekend and Francis Ngannou just broke the world record for the most power ever shown in a punch. They have this machine that they use worldwide. It’s widely accepted that it’s one of the best way to measure a punch. It’s this large pad and you hit it with full power and it generates it. Francis Ngannou beat the second place by some insane amount of power. He’s a ridiculously powerful dude. He scares the sh-t out of everybody. It shows what the original world record was, then Ngannou broke it by like 3000-pounds or some sh-t. He’s terrifying. You know they found this dude, he was a homeless guy. He was homeless living in France and he made his way into a gym. I believe he wanted to box and when they brought him in.”

“[Ngannou punched] 129,161 units the previous one was 114,000 [units]. Like, what in the f-ck? And that’s Tyrone Sprong who is a beast. So, Francis Ngannou is fighting this weekend and he’s fighting Alistair Overeem. I predict chaos. Alistair’s been stopped in MMA at least 11 times and I think he’s been stopped 3-4 times in kickboxing as well. 14 KO’s plus. Knocked out. In his career. Either TKO or knocked out. That’s the guy that’s got to be worried about getting hit by the guy who has got the world record punch. The consequences of Alistair getting hit though are so grave and Ngannou is so terrifying.” — Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience. 

If Francis Ngannou manages to take out Alistair Overeem, it will most likely set him up for a UFC heavyweight title shot against Stipe Miocic. That is, unless the UFC wants to wait until Cain Velasquez is 100-percent to challenge Miocic. In that case, the only other person who would stand in Ngannou’s way would be Fabricio Werdum. Either way, at 31-years old Ngannou is the future of the division and has a bright future in combat sports. We’ll find out at UFC 218 if his time is now, or if we have to wait a little while for him to develop more tools to add to his ridiculous athleticism.

This article first appeared on on 11/29/2017.

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