Franics Ngannou Enters Into a Very Elite Group After Updated Rankings

Francis Ngannou

The kind of hype train that Francis Ngannou and the UFC has created hasn’t been seen in quite some time. It’s not even just a train anymore, we’ve got hype planes, trains and automobiles here. Whether proven or not, it doesn’t even matter, the only thing that can slow all this momentum now is Stipe Miocic in January. With their fight in almost a month to the day, Ngannou has now been elevated to the very top of the heavyweight heap.

In just two years, Francis Ngannou has become the number one contender. This adds him to a list containing just a few of the biggest names in the UFC. If we’re abiding strictly to the UFC rankings which were established in 2013, Jon Jones’ quick rise to the coveted #1 slot and Brock Lesnar grabbing the UFC heavyweight title in just a year are all out of the running, but definitely worth mentioning. That only leaves Cody Garbrandt, who captured the UFC bantamweight title just under two years since signing with the organization. If Ngannou manages to beat Stipe Miocic at UFC 220, he’ll be just behind Garbrandt. Despite Volkan Oezdemir’s insane rise to the top, he is still ranked #2 in the UFC’s official rankings.

Even if the rankings didn’t exist back then, adding Francis Ngannou’s name to the likes of Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar and even Cody Garbrandt, is a huge deal. This epic rocketship that Ngannou is on is either met with immense praise, or critics trying to peck away at his competition. Either way, he’s ranked as the best heavyweight in the world directly underneath the champion. All 11 of his Ngannou’s career victories were stoppages and five of his six UFC victories are by knockout. He’s proved he can take anyone out with one punch, the million dollar question is if he can do it to Stipe Miocic and become the UFC’s first homegrown heavyweight superstar. The suspense is killing us.

This article first appeared on on 12/7/2017.

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