Francis Ngannou isn’t impressed by Stipe Miocic, does not consider him the best heavyweight on the planet

Francis Ngannou

Last weekend, UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic defended his title for a second time, clubbing Junior Dos Santos to a first-round stoppage. This win impressed the hell out of most members of the MMA community – but not surging contender Francis Ngannou.

On Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, the hulking Frenchman explained that he’s not particularly impressed by the heavyweight champion, and that he considers oft-injured former champ Cain Velasquez to be the true heavyweight king.

“That was a good performance, but I’m not impressed,” he said. “I’m not impressed with him. [I’m more impressed] by Velasquez. I think Velasquez is the best heavyweight that we have. That’s why I want to fight him too.”

“I’m ranked number five right now,” he continued. “I’ll probably fight everyone right now. I already called out [Cain] Velasquez. He said he’s injured, but I’d like to fight him and just get the title shot.”

While Ngannou considers Velasquez the better fighter, however, he says he would love the opportunity to fight Miocic, and would take the fight now if it was offered.

“Yes, that’s true.” he said when asked if he believed he was ready for Miocic. “That is one of my reasons for moving to Vegas. Right now, I’m ready for all challenges.”

“If they give me the opportunity, I will take it.”

Ngannou then addressed his doubters, many of whom suggest he is not yet ready for the dominating heavyweight champ Miocic.

“You will always have that kind of people,” he said of his skeptics. “[They say] ‘you’re not ready, you need to improve yourself, you need to learn more, Stipe is too tough,’ but until the fight [happens], no one will no for sure. I would like to get the fight.”

How do you think Francis Ngannou would fare against Stipe Miocic?

This article first appeared on on 5/15/2017.

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