Deiveson Figueiredo plans to finish Joseph Benavidez inside two rounds and send him into retirement

Deiveson Figueiredo, UFC rankings
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Deiveson Figueiredo is confident he will become the UFC’s flyweight champion on Saturday.

In the main event of UFC Norfolk, Figueiredo will battle Joseph Benavidez for the vacant flyweight title. When the Brazilian got the news that he would be fighting for the belt he knew it meant he could finally achieve his goal of being a UFC champion.

“Fighting for the belt is making my dreams come true. I am not just going to fight for the belt, I’m going to win and be the champion. Everybody can be sure about that,” Figueiredo said to through his manager Wallid Ismail, who served as a translator. “I’m very confident and on Saturday I’m going to be the next UFC champion. I have a lot of respect for Benavidez but he can not handle me.”

Although Benavidez is a slight favorite in this fight, Figueiredo plans on beating the American up badly for lying.

The two were supposed to fight a couple of times in the past but a canceled UFC 233 and an injury to Figueiredo halted those plans. Yet, Benavidez claimed it was because the Brazilian was scared to fight him — which Figueiredo denies.

“The rivalry started when he started to lie about me. He went to the press and said I was afraid of him and didn’t want to fight him. Now, he will re-pay the big price of lying. He can’t lie as he had before,” he explained. “I was hurt, that’s why we didn’t fight. Now, the time is here on Saturday I will beat him up. Benavidez will retire after this fight, I really believe that. I hope he can be a UFC commentator, but after Saturday he won’t want to step into the Octagon again because I will break his spirit.”

In this fight, Deiveson Figueiredo is confident in his skill set that no matter where the fight goes he’ll have success. But, he also doesn’t plan on the fight going long as he says he’ll submit or knock out Benavidez inside two rounds and send him into retirement as the American will know he’ll never be a UFC champion.

“I see from the first second to the last, I’m going after him and going to break his spirit and beat him up. He is going to feel my power. I’m going to submit or knock him out,” he said. “I’m in the best shape of my life. I really don’t care about him. Benavidez is not going to be able to handle me. When he feels my power he will give up.

“This fight won’t even go two full rounds, believe me. I’ll finish him by the end of the second round. Benavidez will retire after I do that to him,” he continued. “I’m going to break him down. He can’t do anything against me.”

If Figueiredo does get his hand raised at UFC Norfolk, he isn’t sure who his first title defense will be against. But, he knows he will be defending the flyweight title for years to come as he has no interest in moving up to try and become a champ-champ.

“I’m going to be the champion at 125 forever. After I win on Saturday, I’m going to focus on being more professional and improve every day,” Figueiredo concluded. “I don’t think about moving weight classes because 125 weight class is great. I’m going to bring excitement to the flyweight division. Every fight I will look to submit or knock my opponent out.”

Do you think Deiveson Figueiredo will be able to finish Joseph Benavidez inside two rounds and retire him?

This article first appeared on on 2/27/2020.

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