Danny Sabatello blasts ranked Bellator bantaweights for ducking him, expects to finish Johnny Campbell

Danny Sabatello
Image Credit: Bellator

Danny Sabatello doesn’t understand why he isn’t ranked in Bellator’s bantamweight division.

Sabatello made good in his Bellator debut as he dominated Brett Johns for all three rounds to win a clear-cut decision. Johns was a high-profile signing for Bellator and after Sabatello dominated the scrap, he expected he would be ranked but that was not the case.

“Yeah, I don’t know who does the rankings but obviously they don’t know s**t about fighting. Anytime you beat someone and dominate someone like Brett Johns, you should immediately be ranked. Especially looking at who is ranked above me,” Sabatello said to BJPENN.com. “Very surprised I’m not in the rankings but it doesn’t matter, I’m not here to just be a ranked fighter, I’m here to be the champ.”

Although he wasn’t in the rankings, Sabatello expected to fight a ranked opponent. Yet, that isn’t the case as he will return at Bellator 264 on Friday against Johnny Campbell.

Sabatello called out three ranked opponents and claimed all three ducked him. However, he knows if he puts on a dominant performance here he believes Bellator will have to force people into fighting him.

“I’m a little bit surprised I am fighting Johnny Campbell, but not surprised in the same way. Most of the guys in the division are p*****s,” Sabatello said. “I called out three guys in the rankings, Josh Hill, Jornel Lugo, and Cass Bell, they are ranked seventh, eighth, and ninth, but they all ducked me. Of course, that’s going to happen a lot. I deserve a ranked opponent but after I smash this guy on Friday, Bellator has no choice but to give me a ranked guy.”

Against Campbell, Danny Sabatello is confident he will not only win the fight but he will dominate him en route to the stoppage.

“All I know is he sucks and he isn’t on my level. I was watching tape and shut it off because it’s not worth my time,” Sabatello adde. “This is a fight I don’t focus on what my opponent does because it’s very sloppy and I can dominate everywhere. Really, I’m just going to out-class him and beat the s**t out of him. I do think I will get the stoppage. I’ll say second-round TKO.”

If Sabatello does get his hand raised, he says the hope is to make a quick turnaround and fight in November. As for who he wants next, he says he’s unsure because he knows the majority of bantamweight has and will turn him down again.

“I’m a very active fighter. All these guys are p*****s and only fight once or twice a year. For me, I like to go in there and beat the s**t out of people and fight as much as possible. I win here, I want to fight in November,” Sabatello concluded. “I will have to call out a bunch of people again because if I only call out one person, it’s easy for them to duck me. The entire division is a bunch of b*****s.”

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