EXCLUSIVE | Colby Covington’s days as the UFC’s biggest heel could soon end

Colby Covington

UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington’s days as the UFC’s biggest heel could soon be over. Ahead of his title-unifying showdown with undisputed champ Tyron Woodley, which is not yet scheduled, Covington claims that fans are so disappointed with Woodley’s reign as champ, that he might turn face just to give them somebody to root for.

“Woodley’s in his little safe space,” Covington said of Woodley on the latest episode of BJPENN.COM Radio. “Hollywood’s made him softer, so we’re gonna see each other across the Octagon, and I’m gonna retire him for good. There’s no more talk of Tyron Woodley. [To] all the fans, I’m supposed to be the bad guy. I’m selling this like I’m the bad guy, but I can’t even be the bad guy, ’cause anytime Tyron Woodley opens his mouth, he immediately becomes the bad guy. He’s trying to act like a good guy, but he’s talking about things that only bad guys talk about. So, Woodley… he needs to shut his mouth and just let me sell the fight. No one cares about him, he’s not a draw. That’s why he had to piggy back off Conor [McGregor], and he had to piggy back off Jon Jones to get pay per view points and make money.

“No one cares about Woodley,” he added. “People say they don’t like his fight style ’cause he is the human form of NyQuil, and that’s why we call him Ty-Quil. And no one wants to watch him fight. He’s not a draw, he’s boring. So don’t worry, I’m gonna relieve him as the most boring fighter of all time, and send him to the retirement home.”

“Absolutely, this is probably gonna be the fight where I come out as the babyface, ’cause just look at Tyron Woodley. He makes a fool of himself anytime he opens his mouth.”

Do you think Colby Covington can market himself as the good guy ahead of his anticipated fight with the three-time defending champion Tyron Woodley?

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 7/16/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM