Casey Kenney wants to derail top prospects, expects to finish Nathaniel Wood at UFC 254

Casey Kenney
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Casey Kenney wants to be the person to derail some fighters hype at bantamweight.

At UFC 254, Kenney is making a quick turnaround to battle Nathaniel Wood on Fight Island. Despite Kenney competing on a card just three weeks ago, he went back home for 10 days to do a small training camp and is ready to return.

Before he left the Island he knew he would be fighting Nathaniel Wood and it was exciting for him.

“Nathaniel Wood has been on the radar in terms of top prospects in the bantamweight division,” Kenney said on Just Scrap Radio on “I feel like I’m at a point where I can fight anybody. A top prospect is someone I want to take out.”

Although both Kenney and Wood are bantamweights, they will fight at 140-pounds, which is something Wood wanted.

It is a crucial fight in the bantamweight division. Many are also surprised it’s happening given both men are top prospects. However, for Kenney, he says at bantamweight the UFC needs to kill off some prospects. So, he plans on being the prospect that takes the next step up the ladder.

“I think when you enter a division like a bantamweight it is going to happen. You see it happen at 155 and 170,” Kenney explained. “Prospects like ourselves will need to beat guys like us to even enter the top-15. That is what is exciting as I need to beat a guy in Nathaniel Wood to even be considered to be in the top-15.”

Casey Kenney remains confident he will get his hand raised on Saturday night and get his second UFC finish in the process.

“It could go anywhere. It will be a little different than my last fight, not so one-dimensional,” Kenney concluded. “You will see a full range of mixed martial arts from me in wrestling, jiu-jitsu, judo. I’ve shown my striking and grappling but I want to show them both and look to put him away as well.”

Who do you think will win, Casey Kenney or Nathaniel Wood at UFC 254?

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