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The UFC has finally paid Evan Dunham’s ambulance bill, and he’s not holding a grudge

After his exciting 2017 draw with Beneil Dariush, Evan Dunham was sent to the hospital by the UFC’s ring-side physicians. Though Dunham absorbed considerable damage in this fight, he didn’t actually want to board an ambulance, as he’d  had a very hard time getting the UFC to pay the ambulance bill after his 2013 scrap with Gleison Tibau.

All the same, Evan Dunham heeded the advice of the UFC’s doctors, and jumped on an ambulance to the hospital, keen to make sure he didn’t sustain any serious damage in his fight with Dariush. Two fights later, he was still “dealing with collections” as the UFC has still failed to pay his ambulance bill for that fight.

Evan Dunham shared his frustration about this situation on Twitter early September.

“Dealing with collections right now,” Dunham said in his first Tweet on the matter. “UFC never paid my ambulance bill from two fights ago. Even though I sent the bill in multiple times to whoever is supposed to be handling it.”

“Funny thing is that I didn’t want to go in the ambulance in the first place,” he added in a second Tweet, touching on the lesson he learned after his fight with Tibau. “Because it took them so long to pay the bill from the Tibau fight, but they insisted. One more fight and I am done.”

While this was a pretty bad look for the UFC, Evan Dunham says the promotion has made it right. His ambulance bills have been paid, and he’s not holding a grudge against them ahead of his retirement with with Francisco Trinaldo this weekend.

“Everything’s good,” Dunham told MMAjunkie. “The moral of the story is, close mouths don’t get fed. So if you’re not the squeaky wheel, you don’t get the oil. I was squeaky, and I got my oil, so I’m good.”

“To be honest, it’s not the UFC,” Dunham added. “We all know there’s a lot of different things in place, and different departments, so it was an oversight on their part. It’s not a big deal. I don’t hold any grudge on it, but I didn’t want it to affect me long term. So I had to make it known, and it got taken care of. I’m not mad about it at all.”

Do you think Evan Dunham is right to forgive the UFC for this blunder?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 9/20/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM