VIDEO: Donald Cerrone “Conor McGregor Doesn’t Say Sh*t Backstage”

By Chris Taylor - October 2, 2016

Donald Cerrone

UFC welterweight contender Donald Cerrone claims that current UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is very different when the cameras are off.

The former UFC lightweight title challenger spoke about how Conor McGregor acts differently when backstage during a recent interview:

“Someone please shut this dude up. Last night I was going to get on the horn and start getting after him but I decided not to. Because you talk about him saying people not wanting to take fights. He (Conor) two times I had the obligation to fight him and he turned it down to take the easier fight. When he fought Diaz for the first time, I had just fought. So it was Sunday flying home, Dana calls me and asks if I would like to fight Conor. And that was for the Diaz first fight. He declined me and took Diaz on. Because Diaz was in Mexico, and took the fight on 10 days notice or whatever. Why would he want to fight me coming off a win. My name was in the hat but Conor and his people did not pick me. I get annoyed when he wants to talk that he is the best in the world and that he will fight anyone. There is a lot of that which people do not know about. Behind the scenes stuff that I know. I knew that he was like Yea no no no no when we were trying. I did not even want to negotiate for more money. I said f*ck you lets go I will fight you for whatever. This dude, the same thing as last night, he is good when the cameras are on at talking shit but when you get him in the back he does not say nothing. F*ck no! I have been in the back many times with him. This shit he does right here. I wish the mother fucker would say something behind the curtain. Oh man. I hope Eddie goes out there and gets the win for sure. I am rooting for him. I wish I had this fight. The fight I was lobbying for, the Eddie fight. But hey. It makes more sense for him. A lot of people say give me the Conor fight that is the money fight. He is the money fight. It does not work like that. I am obligated under contract to make X number of dollars no matter who I fight. Unless your a champion, which Eddie is, because if you are a champion you get PPV dollars. So PPV dollars, so if Eddie were to fight me he would probably not get as much PPV dollars as if he would Conor. So that is a smart fight for Eddie 1000% not to pick me and to pick Conor. I understand that. People always say you need to take that Conor fight that is where the money is. But it does not work like that. I wish it did.”

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