BREAKING | Dana White Doesn’t Think Georges St-Pierre Wants to Fight

Georges St-Pierre

Heading into 2018, the middleweight division has been basically returned back to normal, but there is still a big mysterious cloud surrounding Georges St-Pierre. He came, he saw, he conquered, but now no one has any idea what his plans are. The only thing certain, is that he will not be coming back to middleweight after his diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. Fans aren’t the only ones unclear of what St-Pierre’s plans are, Dana White thinks it was a cash grab and he’s out for good.

“There is no status [update on Georges St-Pierre]. I knew what he was doing. That’s why I put [a mandatory title defense] into his contract. We both knew what was going on. I don’t know, man. I don’t think the guy wants to fight. I think he jumped in, grabbed some cash and went back to Canada. He ain’t fighting Conor McGregor. If he wants to come back, [UFC welterweight champion] Tyron Woodley or [middleweight champion] Robert Whittaker is waiting for him. They’re both waiting, if Georges wants to come back.” — Dana White speaking to Brett Okamoto of ESPN.

Dana White went on to say that if Georges St-Pierre does end up coming back, then it won’t be a rumored fight with Conor McGregor that Firas Zahabi was talking about in the news recently. White was straight to the point with St-Pierre’s options: It’s either Robert Whittaker or Tyron Woodley. That should be good news to Woodley, who has been calling for the fight to determine the true welterweight greatest-of-all-time for basically the entirety of 2017. Since moving back up to middleweight doesn’t seem like an option and  White rules out (for what that’s worth) a scrap with McGregor, chances look great for the welterweight champ.

This article first appeared on on 12/27/2017.

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