Rafael dos Anjos predicts Conor McGregor will “Break like a girl”

By bjpenndotcom - February 9, 2016

While Conor McGregor is currently riding a 15 fight win streak that has seen him finish 6 of his 7 opponents in the Octagon, including Jose Aldo, UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos plans to change that on March 5th at UFC 196.

In the build-up leading to their scrap on March 5th, dos Anjos has stated that he doesn’t want to finish McGregor early, but rather would prefer to prolong the fight to put a beating on McGregor.

On The MMA Hour on Monday, dos Anjos seemed to change his tune.

“If I have an opportunity to finish, I will finish, but I will feel him first. I want to hit him first a couple of times. I want him to feel my power, you know, because his thing is always having such a good time in the Octagon. Everything that he’s predicting has been happening, but I think this time his crystal ball is a little blurry. I think he’s not seeing well, and he’s going to feel the difference. I’m going to show him the bad part of the Octagon. I went through the good part and the bad part, but now I’m going to introduce him to the bad part.”

Given that, dos Anjos was asked for an updated prediction on how he thinks the fight is going to play out.

“My prediction is, I’m going to win for sure. I don’t see how this guy can beat me. But, a prediction — this fight will not be five rounds. It’s going to be maybe three or two rounds. This guy, he’s not going to be able handle me for more than two rounds. He’s going to break. He’s going to break like a girl.”


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