Photo comparison of Conor McGregor weighing in at 145lbs, 154.4lbs, and 168lbs

Conor McGregor

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor will be fighting at lightweight for the first time in his UFC career on Saturday at UFC 205.

“The Notorious” will look to put on the performance of his life at 155 pounds as he takes on UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez in what could potentially be the most historic fight of the Irishman’s career. If McGregor gets his hand raised over Alvarez on Saturday night, he will be the first fighter to hold two UFC division’s titles simultaneously.

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Although UFC President Dana White has been adamant that if McGregor does win the lightweight title over Alvarez, he will have to decide and choose which of two division’s titles he would vacate.

McGregor has stated that he wishes the media would stop circling around the idea of him vacating any titles and wants everyone to focus more on the potential history that could be made on Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

If McGregor does, in fact, take the title from Alvarez and makes history by becoming the first concurrent UFC two-division champion, we will likely see him vacate the UFC featherweight title if Dana enforces what he has said.

“Vacate? We’ll see about that. Why not defend them both? I fight every week. I can defend them both,” McGregor said recently on the UFC 205 conference call.

“145, I’m the world champion. I took out them all. I’m damn good at 145 and I’m even better at 155.”

Here’s a an interesting photo comparison of McGregor weighing in for bouts at featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight.

Given that “The Notorious” feels that he is better at lightweight, it would only make sense that would be the division where he would go on to defend a title.

However, this is all speculative on if Conor McGregor does beat Eddie Alvarez on Saturday night. The lightweight champion is more than confident going into the fight against the Irish UFC superstar and is surely looking forward to spoiling the night for Conor McGregor and all of his fans.

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