Michael Bisping says he would ‘snap Conor McGregor’s neck’ if they were to fight

The Count

Prior to his first loss in the UFC against Nate Diaz back in March, UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor was talking about moving up several weight classes beyond his home of 145 pounds.

The new UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping was recently asked about how a fight would go between him and McGregor and “The Count” replied in typical Bisping fashion.

“Listen, a long time ago I had a bird that annoyed me and the bird had to go,” Bisping humorously said to The SPORTbible.

“The bird’s neck was snapped. I would also snap Conor McGregor’s neck in a similar fashion.”

Bisping went on to talk about the differences in size between him and McGregor, once again not straying away from character.

“Conor is about as high as this couch, and I’m a grand specimen – I’m 6’2 of prime British beef. Conor is Irish and about 4’2. It wouldn’t even be fair. I doubt you could even get it sanctioned.”

Bisping did give “The Notorious” credit, but down in his division where he remains the champion.

“But Conor for his weight-class is amazing, he is the best, I love him, but come on”.

Video | Michael Bisping
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