Melvin Guillard predicts Conor McGregor will turn on the UFC

By bjpenndotcom - February 19, 2016

Melvin Guillard is currently gearing up for his Bellator 149 scrap against Derek Campos tonight in Houston Texas. Despite being signed to Bellator, Guillard too ended up talking about UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor in a recent interview.

Conor McGregor belt

While it seems like everyone at every weight class, in every promotion, wants a crack at Conor McGregor, UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos will be the next man to step in the Octagon with McGregor on March 5th at UFC 196.

Guillard spoke to MMAFighting to discus McGregor’s pay, and why he believes that the UFC’s willingness to invest in McGregor will ultimately come back to hurt them long-term.

“I’m not mad at Conor McGregor,” said Guillard. “He’s a smart motherf**ker. He’s like the little Irish Floyd Mayweather right now. He’s going to end up biting the UFC in the ass. I can feel it. I sense something coming. He’s making so much money and he’s got the owners sucking his d**k. They’re going to turn around and they’ve put so much money behind this kid that he’s going to do something to f**k the business by leaving or doing something stupid. That’s what they get. I gave the UFC 10 years and I only got up to $47,000 to show and $47,000 to win when I left the UFC. I’m embarrassed to say that.

“I tried to ask the UFC to bump my pay when I fought Ross Pearson to $60,000 and $60,000. The first time in 10 years I asked them for anything. Those f**kers would not even give me 60 and 60. But they’re going to give this kid a million, two million dollars a fight? He’s making more money than everybody signed to the UFC, probably.”

It is important to mention that in a recent interview Conor McGregor spoke on his relationship with the UFC, and the supposed rift between the two, calling the rumors of a rift ‘horse s–t’.


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