Irish media lashes out at Conor McGregor

By bjpenndotcom - February 16, 2016

Conor McGregor is without a doubt one of the most polarizing figures in MMA. The brash Irishman’s comments often come across as nothing short of shocking when it comes to pre-fight banter with his opponents.

Dublin, Ireland's Conor McGregor

For example, at the UFC 196 press conference, McGregor continually threw insults at his opponent, UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos.

Throughout the course of his UFC career McGregor has continually represented his native country of Ireland. Something he is proud of, which he says is reciprocated in the fact that the Irish are proud of him.

Ahead of the scrap on March 5th, writer J.P. O’Malley lashed out McGregor in an op-ed piece. In which he stated that:

“It’s hard to figure out if McGregor has the even the most basic intellectual faculties required to think before he speaks, given just how outrageous some of his comments have been.”

Irish fans sound off! Are you proud of Conor McGregor?


Conor McGregor