Conor McGregor doesn’t care if “loveable mouthpiece” Malignaggi talks to Mayweather

Conor McGregor on throne, Duane Ludwig

Former two-weight boxing champion Paul Malignaggi has been included in just as many headlines as Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather in recent weeks.

The “Magic Man” was brought in to the McGregor camp to serve as a sparring partner for Conor last month.

After unflattering photos from their sparring sessions were leaked on the internet, Malignaggi opted to part ways with the McGregor camp citing unethical team practices for his abrupt departure.

Malignaggi was upset with one leaked photo in particular which showed Paulie laid out on the boxing ring canvas with Conor McGregor towering over him.

The “Magic Man” told ESPN that no actual knockdowns occurred during either of his sparring sessions with “Mystic Mac”.

In addition to that, Malignaggi made it clear that he had gotten the better of McGregor during the majority of their sparring rounds.

Malignaggi’s statements were put under heavy criticism yesterday evening, this after UFC President Dana White released a short clip from the Paulie’s sparring with McGregor which appeared to show an actual knockdown from the Irish star.

Yesterday, Conor McGregor spoke about the “loveable mouthpiece” Malignaggi and explained that a broken ego was to blame for Paulie’s departure.

“He showed (up), he tried his best, it didn’t go his way,” McGregor said. “He got his ass whooped, he got his pride dented, and then he wanted a way out. What better way for a guy like him to exit under a load of questions.”

McGregor continued:

“He was flattened. What can I say? He got his ass whooped. But I like the guy. He’s kind of like a lovable mouthpiece.”

Malignaggi has been adamant that he will not release any valuable information from his time spent with McGregor to Conor’s August 26 opponent Floyd Mayweather, who on Thursday called the “Magic Man” a friend.

McGregor could personally care less if Paul and Floyd are talking behind the scenes because at the end of the day no one can prepare “Money” for his unique style.

“Let him speak (to Floyd Mayweather). I’m sure he has!” McGregor stated. “You can’t prepare for me. There’s nobody in the game that moves like me and that strikes like me and has the confidence like me. So, let them talk.”

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