VIDEO | Rampage Jackson and Chael Sonnen Agree to High Stakes Bet for Their Fight


The wait is finally over. Bellator is going to kick off their big heavyweight grand prix before this month ends and Chael Sonnen will face off with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. They’ll be throwing down for the chance to advance in the tournament, which will finally crown a Bellator heavyweight champion by the end of this year. MMA is prizefighting, so it makes sense to have a reward. The two are adding the stakes to their upcoming fight with a side-bet using their own cash.

“Let’s do it right here, right now. Let’s do it right here.  I will give you $10K for every takedown you get on me. It’s 10 grand per takedown, $500 per jab. […] You won’t take me down not one time. Hey, I’m giving up $10K per takedown, don’t be a wuss. $500 per jab.” — Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson on the ESPN LA radio show.

“He’s knocking everybody out. Bad news is I’m the first [opponent], so I don’t agree with this, I’m just telling you he’s knocking everybody out. Now he just might, and I might hump everybody on the way to a championship too. So, it’s 10 dimes — and that’s gangster talk for $10K — every time I take you form your feet to your ass. Which I was planning to do once a round three times, grab a microphone, pick up a paycheck and go home, because 10 grand even to a rich man is still 10 grand.” — Chael Sonnen on the ESPN LA radio show.

If Chael Sonnen actually wins by decision and lands a takedown every round like he says, he’ll come out with a cool $30K bonus in addition to his victory. He’ll have to avoid Quinton Jackson jabbing $500 out of him for 15 minutes though. Who knows if this was all serious or not, but they did shake on it. We’ll find out if either party gets their money soon enough. The Bellator heavyweight tournament starts on January 20th.

This article first appeared on on 1/9/2018.

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