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Internet trending transgender fighter, Fallon Fox, has been all the buzz in the past couple weeks. She has been a controversial topic for many as mma fans and fighters alike debate whether a transgender fighter is something that should be included in women’s mma.

The CFA however has their own opinion on the matter and are hoping to schedule a fight between Fox (2-0) and Allana Jones (2-1), in an effort to continue a women’s featherweight tournament that the two female fighters advanced in on March 2nd.

Fallon Fox defeated her opponent Ericka Newsome with a brutal knee that saw the bout finish by KO in 39 seconds, in the first round no less.  All before she had come out to explain who she really was. Which is now all the talk  in women’s mma today.

Many believe that having the first thirty years of her life to develop as a man, Fox has certain advantages over her  female opponents. Jones’ manager feels that he has his own right to be concerned for his fighter, and has stated that the fight may not go on if  he is given reason to believe that Fallon Fox does in fact have certain advantages over his female fighter stating:

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“The last conversation we had with CFA was that they were waiting until April 5 to see what the commission’s decision was going to be with Fallon’s license,” said Jones manager Glen Bailey.

“Obviously, I have concerns about this fight. Not so much that I’m worried about Allana losing, losses happen within the sport. But the circumstances surrounding it.” He went on.

“I’ve spoken with several different doctors about any kind of physical advantage, and I’m waiting for an opinion to be written for me from a doctor out of Arizona that is very familiar with the fighting world – actually, is very familiar with Fallon’s case. At this point and time, I can’t say, yes, we’ll take it. But I’m not going to say, no, we won’t take the fight either. I think there are some questions that are going to have to be answered.”

Fox knows that she has a lot to look forward to in terms of making waves in the sport of mixed martial arts, and whether or not she has an opponent willing to fight her, she has an organization willing to back her.

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