VIDEO | Carlos Condit Says Nate Diaz and Tyron Woodley’s Possible Fight is ‘Strange’

Carlos Condit in the Octagon

There was mixed reactions to the rumblings of the UFC trying to put together a match-up between Tyron Woodley and Nate Diaz. The bout was agreed to and the contract signed by Woodley but was supposedly left blank by Diaz. This resulted in Woodley talking to every outlet he was featured on to convince the younger Diaz brother to ‘not be scared, homie.’ Other than the UFC welterweight champs energy put in the potential scrap, it looks like it is dead in the water but who knows. Carlos Condit, who will make his return at UFC 219, was asked about the fight and he was confused to say the least.

“I just heard about [the possibility of Nate Diaz fighting Tyron Woodley] tonight and I don’t know. It’s strange. I didn’t expect that. I don’t know. Do they have some sort of ongoing Twitter beef or something? Like, where did it come from? Oh, okay. They’re trying to fill out [UFC 219]. They’re trying to get a main event. Alright, y’know. It’s a weird thing. Strange things happen. Whatever. I think there are more deserving contenders at welterweight but I guess they’ve lost to Tyron [Woodley] at this point. So, yeah. It’s kind of a weird place. But hey, I bet those guys [would] put on a helluva fight. honestly. I think that Diaz would push the pace and be in Tyron’s face and Tyron would rise to the occasion and perform like he can perform and i think it’d be a helluva fight. So, if they do it, that’s awesome.”

“Tyron is a supremely talented and hardworking fighter. He deserves to have that belt. He’s the top guy in the division without a doubt right now. I’d like to rematch everybody I lost to, including Tyron. I don’t know if this next fight is a one-off deal. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t even know, but if I’m going to be in it I might as well work towards the title and try and fight the man. Try to fight Tyron. Our fight ended on a sh-tty injury. But yeah, I’d definitely like to fight for the title. I’m still under contract for awhile but I don’t know. We’ll just see. Sh-t, my last one I was thinking about retirement and that I f-cking I didn’t belong in the division anymore and I think this fight is a good gauge to see where I’m at. To see if I still got it and it think I do. We’ll find out. Neil Magny’s a tough test.” — Carlos Condit speaking to Helen Yee of Las Vegas Sports Network.

Sure, a potential fight between Woodley and Diaz may be strange, but Condit hit the nail on the head exactly on why it is still an interesting match-up. However, former title challenger Carlos Condit has a fight of his own to prepare for on the same card Diaz/Woodley was targeted. A win against Neil Magny immediately puts Condit in the conversation along with Colby Covington and the winner of Rafael dos Anjos and Robbie Lawler’s fight for a chance at Woodley’s belt. It’ll be interesting to see how all of this unfolds for UFC 219.

This article first appeared on on 11/21/2017.

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