Scott Coker interested in Dillon Danis vs. Jake Paul fight: “I’m sure at some point it will happen”

Scott Coker, Bellator

Bellator president Scott Coker says he is interested in booking Dillon Danis against Jake Paul in boxing and MMA fights.

In the wake of Paul’s brutal KO win over Nate Robinson the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. boxing undercard, Danis has surfaced as a potential opponent for Paul. Both guys do not like each other and have been taking shots at each other on social media for a few years now. After Paul knocked out Robinson, he is now a money fight for a lot of different opponents, and Danis surely will want to cash in on a big payday as well.

The only problem is that Danis is not a free agent as he is currently contracted to Bellator. That means that Coker has to sign off of any sort of agreement of Danis doing a boxing match, and for that to happen, the deal would have to be worth it from Bellator’s point-of-view, as well. Speaking to’s Nolan King, Coker confirmed that he is interested in promoting Danis vs. Paul. However, the juice has to be worth the squeeze. So if the two want to box, then they’ll have to fight MMA, too.

“You know, believe me, those calls have been happening for a year, you know? And you know what, I’m sure Dillon would love to fight (Paul). But my only thought is, again, why does our guy always have to go to boxing? Why don’t you come to MMA? Why don’t you come here and test your skills as a complete fighter, you know, as a mixed martial artist? If they’re willing to do that, if it’s one for one, maybe we sign a two-fight contract, let them go do boxing then come back and do MMA, then I think that’s a little more appealing for us,” Coker said.

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“But, you know, never say never, and a lot has to do with what Dillon wants to do. But he’s gung ho. He’s all for it. These guys have been barking at each other for two years now. And you know, I’m sure at some point it will happen. What does it look like? I don’t know how, but I’m sure at some point something will happen. Whether we do it or they end up in a parking lot somewhere, it’s going to happen.”

Do you want to see Scott Coker give the green light to Dillon Danis vs. Jake Paul?

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